Cosmo Sex Tip #4565345

If your partner asks you to be louder during sex, seductively say, “GUH-HYUK” in the voice of Goofy, as loud as you can.

“When Rainn’s on the exercise ball bouncing up and down, and I come over and I stab it with the scissors. In every other take we did, I stabbed it and it just slowly goes down. And the camera angle was that he just slowly ducked behind the thing and it was incredible. On the last take they were like “do one more.” And I remember going over and I went “boom”! And I must have hit the seam or something. And it exploded. He hit the ground as hard as I’ve ever seen a human hit the ground. If you go back and watch that episode, I just dive out because I am crying laughing.” - John Krasinski 


Life at Wellington is great! they gave them comfy pajamas and they let them brush their teeth.


dear cat outside my window please stop yelling please

dear cat outside my window

im gonna look at you and play careless whisper

dear cat outside my window

stop yelling!!!! get a job and support ur family asshole

dear cat outside my window

stop yelling.

amid the ruins?? oh u mean that ep where sarita sarah nick katjaa duck kenny christa omid and clem went camping and were happy?? yea i loved that ep dear cat outside thats meowing please stop meowing im tryibg to remake s2


I photoshopped Nick’s beard/stubble thing off

what have i done

someone find out the program ttg uses and get the va’s im remaking s2


Skyrim || Aretino Residence - Aventus Aretino

«"Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear." »