he is drowning

neganandsara do u wanna get together with wowokthx me and cinnamondo this week and play tanks playground



my kitten says hello

The little noooooiiissse ;__;


You: likes kale
Me: loves myself


OK PSA so a friend and i were both locked out of our accounts and had to reset our passwords due to “suspicious activity” after installing the gradient redux theme (multicolumn version) by majinbabe/meancutie/jubileethemes. i’ve removed the post from the blog but it has a couple hundred notes and could still be floating around.

please reblog this for attention because my friend actually cant access their email at this time and is totally locked out of their account.


Today’s Gender of the day is: boops boops in a bucket

ugh im watching fnaf so im probably gonna have a panica ttack later maybe idk when ever i look at fnaf i get so scared but these ppl ar egood and funny so :)


"This isn’t how we do things, man. When you’re bit, you get put down. End of story. I’m not going through this a g a i n.”

nick appreciation post - episode 1

katjaa and sarita never said one swear and i think thats beautiful